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Customer & Student Reviews 

My Writing Class and Consulting Students

Here are what my writing students have to say about my writing and publishing classes.


He’s patient and a really supportive teacher. He knows how to motivate his students. Classes are also useful, flexible and fun. Whenever I had trouble in writing the novel, he used to extend his full support and it helped me a lot in completing my novel. I am blessed to have learnt from such a great teacher, Eric. Without his suppportive character, I would not have been able to publish my novel, "Kabeer and the Island of Dragons". Thank you, you truly are the best teacher, Eric.


 Beenaon Aug 27 about Amazon Publishing 101

 Shelley S.

My son has been working with Eric on and off for the last year, through the different stages of his book writing. He is almost at the end and with all of the help, knowledge and guidance that Eric has given him, he is at a stage where all of the editing and formatting is done, as they worked through it as they went instead of leaving it all to do at the end. Eric was very inspirational and informative and shared extensive knowledge with Rob. He has also given him all of the information that he needs to go ahead and get published. I would highly recommend this class to budding writers of any age.


Jul 17 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

Lauren A.

My son really enjoyed the class. It really focused on the actual logistics of self-publishing: making the book cover, formatting, audio book recordings, etc. He also received some materials from the instructor that helped him direct his writing and plan out the book.


 Mar 15 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

Christine S.

My son really enjoyed this class. He was inspired by it and learned a lot from it. It included an introduction to topics that were useful to him, like online map-making, character creation, world building techniques, author websites, promotions, book formatting for kindle and print books, among many other things. The teacher was thorough and eager to answer student questions. My son would be happy to take another course with him. Highly recommended.


Sep 8, 2020 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More 

Ayesha A.

My 15 year old daughter had been wanting to publish a novel she wrote titled, "Behind the Door" a few years ago but we had no idea where to begin! Even though my daughter was the only student in this class, Eric did not cancel it. This class was titled "Writing and Self-Publishing a Fantasy Novel" and my daughter's book is a mystery/thriller. None the less, Eric Rovelto provided her with 1:1 attention in walking her through the entire process of publishing a book on Amazon Kindle from start to finish. He helped her with writing the author's page, bio, editing her novel, formatting, marketing tips and final publishing of the book. We're proud to say, because of Eric's help, our daughter has launched her first book as an author! I highly recommend signing up for a class with Eric for any child who is interested in self publishing.


 Jul 26, 2020 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

Janet R.

The teacher is engaging and challenging and allows the student to be creative and expressive while providing positive and constructive feedback to encourage growth.


 Jun 23, 2020 about Writing Club

Sharon S.

Great overview of Excel for beginners.


 Jun 18, 2020 about Excel for Beginners

Janet R.

Teacher Eric has done an outstanding job engaging a group of young writers to help them begin navigating a more well rounded approach at writing. This strong guidance has lead my daughter to develop a more thorough understanding and a developed focus for her writings. She has developed friendships and life long lasting skills to continue as she pursues her passion of writing. Thank you for you guidance and care each week. You have changed my daughter's writing world in all the best ways! Thank you!


 Jun 9, 2020 about Writing Club

Dawn B.

My daughter learned so much about writing in this class. She said that it wasn't just informative, but it was fun too. She has no complaints whatsoever and would gladly recommend this class to anyone. Thank you so much Eric!


 May 25, 2020 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

Alane W.

I learned a lot and loved the class!


Apr 24, 2020 about Making and Publishing Comics 101 

An Outschool Parent

My son greatly enjoyed this class! He learned a lot about character and story line development as well as how to publish his stories online. The instructor had excellent feedback, lots of ideas, many handouts, and information for further learning. Excellent!


 Apr 24, 2020 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

Brenna C

Excellent class! My daughter loved it. She learned much more than she was expecting about how to self publish and is very excited to do this


 Apr 23, 2020 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

Matt W.

Eric Rovelto has been absolutely outstanding! He has been so flexible on times for when classes need to be rescheduled. He has taught my teen daughter so much about writing and has really helped her improve her writing skills. He has taught her ways to fight writer's block and so much more! She has absolutely loved this class.


 Apr 17, 2020 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More


Eric had fantastic suggestions and helpful outlines to aid in the development of my daughters novel. Very helpful! Thank you!


 Mar 3, 2020 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

Diana K.

This class is amazing! Eric really took the time to explain the whole Kindle publishing process from beginning to end. He was a very kind and encouraging teacher!! My daughter is on the shy side and doesn't always express herself so I really appreciated him making sure my daughter was learning and how he customized the class based upon her interests. My daughter absolutely loved the class and I would wholeheartedly recommend Eric as a teacher!!


Nov 7, 2019 about Amazon Publishing 101 

Kelly H.

Eric was very flexible and created a class my son loved!


 Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

Pam K.

This teacher is knowledgeable and passionate about writing. My son was stuck on moving through story writing.. .and in just one session with Mr. Rovelto he knew his next right steps! Fantastic!


 Aug 2, 2019 about Mastering the Short Story - "Writing Class"

Simon S

Great class and dedicated teacher who takes as much extra time as needed to have the story finished. My 10 years old daughter who is passionate about writing was super excited to have her first book published on kindle.

Here it is: https://www.amazon.com/Adventures-Animal-World-Rebeca-S-ebook/dp/B07SRDC6W9

She is looking forward to continuing the writing classes with Mr. Rovelto. Thank you for a wonderful course!


 Jun 14, 2019 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More

An Outschool Parent

My 13 yr old son Absolutely enjoyed this class. He’s a beginner in the world of writing but is motivated to write his own book. This teacher had SOOOO many ideas that got my son very excited about the process and motivated him to write! The teacher is very kind and professional and shares ALL of his wisdom. He teaches in a child led manner which is comfortable for the child but is open to suggestions if you have them. My son will definitely be taking another course of his in the near future.


 May 22, 2019 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and Moreo

Emily A.

Excellent teacher with loads of experience. Cares about the students and their success. Great experience!


Apr 24, 2019 about Writing and Self-Publishing a Novel "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Children's and More