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 Let's take your education and business to the next level!

I help people develop their online businesses, build skills and strive for success online and off!

Success starts with education. The first step in learning something new is the desire to take risks and leave your comfort zone. For years, I have been helping people develop a positive mindset and work ethic that they can then apply to any online business or venture that they wish to strive for. Come and explore this site with me, read the books and materials I have created and take the first steps towards the success you strive for.

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Online Courses

The first step to success is education. When we take online courses, read books and learn something new, we are building our power and abilities to succeed. On this site, I will guide you to powerful courses that will teach you basic skills and even advance techniques you can  use to succeed in your ventures


Writing Services

Content is king. As such, I offer my freelance writing and development services here as well. If you need a book written, articles, video editing and more, you can find my list of services by clicking the link below.


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As we develop our products and services, We will be adding them to our private affiliate marketplace. If you are looking for fresh hot products and services, Click the button and join our list. Get in on the ground floor!

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See our latest posts about podcast strategies and mindset along with amazing freebies.


Mysterious lights. Sinister saucers. Alien abductions.

Is Connecticut visited often by UFOs? If so, what do they want? What are their intentions? Are they dangerous? 

This is the question that many people have when it comes to the UFO phenomenon. The sightings of bright lights in the sky, strange crop circles appearing in the middle of farms and fields overnight, and countless stories of abductions and lost time.

Come along with me on my journey of discovery, read the stories of those that have had unexplained experiences that have shaped their lives forever. Then, go on your journey of discovery and find what lies in the shadows.

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Online Writing Classes for Kids

I don't don't teach adult, I also teach children. I teach them through Outschool which is a safe and secure platform. I currently offer writing classes but will be adding more as well. If you would like to have a writing class with me click the link below. If you want to learn off of Outschool message me directly.

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My Linktr.ee & Resources

For a list of all my links in one place, visit my linktr.ee page. Here you will see all of my most popular links and

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